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Monday, February 16, 2015

Huawei Honor Holly Review

After much research and waiting of over months I purchased this mobile on 28 Oct 2014. After approx. 4 months of usage here is my detailed review:
Initially when I received the mobile, I was happy to see the 5" screen of it. Display wise the screen clarity is great. If you previously owned a small screen mobile you are going to love this one. Package contains all the parts except earphones.
You can get backcover and screenguard separately.

I slipped the battery at the back of mobile and switched it on. All things done, mobile is up and running. 
The only problem I faced was during the "first" initial charging; The mobile used to immediately get into a "restart loop" as soon as I switched on the power button on charger. Was really frustrated to the extent that I initiated a return. But after proper formatting that mysterious restart problem never came. Till this date I am unsure why did that happen.

Unlike Samsung phones, HHH needs not to be exclusively restarted if the phone lags or becomes slow. Samsung android mobile have this terrible bug that makes mobiles slow and they need to be restarted every 3-4 days for smooth functioning. But the longest I have used HHH without any restarts was 44 days, that too I restarted the phone on my own. This mobile doesn't gets slow no matter what you do.
There is an option to change your default memory too within the mobile itself. No need to try those risky hacks.
Kitkat works butter smooth on this hardware and 1GB RAM. You can get 550 MB RAM free at any given time in mobile.

Coming to the battery aspect, the mobile gets fully charged in 90 mins i.e. from 0 to 100%. 
Battery draining is fast from 100% to 75%, it then gets slow from 75% to 60% and more slow from 60% to 30%, I havn't made my battery go lower than 20% ever. [All the percentages are in 3G mode of operation and the lowest brightness setting, though you can set brightness level to lowest and it is not much of a problem]

Wifi is super fast and connects instantly, with very less battery drain in it. [Above battery draining percentages are not true for wifi] Battery lasts more on wifi.
Touch keys of Back, Menu and Home do not have backlight and still it remains a backdrop in this mobile but with regular use you can "get used" to for this anomaly.
Sometimes you will get the call log, messaging app will automatically open without exclusively invoking it. I am yet to figure out as to why this happens, it is not an problem but can annoy you at times.
Notification indicator light is a boon. You can set many color as the blink for different apps, so that if there is a missed call or sms or an unread whatsapp message you can get and idea about it without even touching your mobile.
Memory card slot in just above the battery which makes it compulsory to remove the back cover and battery to insert or remove memory card which can be huge let down.

Camera is also very good in daylight, during night its a hit and miss even with the flash, you can experiment with it if it suits your needs.
Sound quality though not loud is clear. I have no issues with sound.
Bluetooth can be used without problems, even for bluetooth headsets, I use a Nokia BH108 and it is working perfectly with HHH.
Proximity sensor also works perfectly.
In call sound quality is also loud and clear.
GPS also works very well in high accuracy setting mode, though it will consume lot of battery.

For all those advance users who want to root their mobile, there exist only a single 100% working tutorial for this mobile and that tutorial is written by me.
Search Google for "Root Huawei Honor Holly" and you can see the link to XDA site. Go ahead try it, it is safe and it also doesn't unlock your bootloader, hence you can root without loosing your existing data and settings.
Last but not the least, this is the best mobile hardware you will get at this price. Take my word for it, you won't regret.

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