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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Root Huawei Honor Holly [Hol-U19] - 100% Working

After much searching plus trial and error I finally have rooted my Huawei Honor Holly -U19 phone successfully. I installed many drivers prior to it but don't know for sure which one did the trick for me. But eventually I figured it out. Hence, without further delay here is the exact process of rooting this killer phone.

Make sure you have the original data cable with you, though I used data cable of Samsung Note 2 it worked, hence, any OEM data cable should do the trick to be on the safe side use Samsung or Huawei supplied data cable only.

Steps (Carefully do as instructed below):

1. Click on this link http://1drv.ms/12joGbv
Here I've uploaded all the software/drivers that you would be needing to root. Hence download all the files in it.

2. After the download, install the apps and driver in the following series. [This is important]

ADB Installer 1.4.2





3. Connect phone via USB

4. Bring down the notification panel and click on the USB icon

5. Enable USB Debugging and select storage as connect method. (Do not select MTP, Camera or CD Drive mode)

6. After selecting storage mode "Do not tap" on "Mount the storage as USB" button which is at the bottom of the screen. Doing this will make your memory card unavailable and the root process will also fail.

7. Open the iRoot app and let it detect your phone. Make sure you have an active internet connection, so that it can download the drivers and install it automatically. This causes you an additional download of about 30 MB. [Don't worry its all worth it]

8. After that the iRoot will install 3 Chinese apps on your phone. Do not do anything with it, let it complete on its own.

9. If everything goes well you will see the green Root button. Click on it.

10. Make sure the phone is fully charged and you have UPS backup on your computer. Any interruption after you click the Root button in iRoot can make your phone unusable. So take huge precautions during the process. (You've been warned now)

11. Wait for 2 mins now and don't do anything. The phone will restart after the process is completed. You can see the ongoing status on iRoot itself.

12. After successful completion you will see the below screen on iRoot app on your computer screen.

iRoot Huawei Honor Holly Root
iRoot Screen

13. Your phone is rooted!

Huawei Honor Holly Root
HHH Root Screen

14. Download SuperSU app from Play Store and install. Open SuperSU, the Chinese app will pop up so as to grant SuperSU root permissions or not, remember to tap the RIGHT button in the Chinese app which is a YES.

15. Download Root Cleaner (paid app) and uninstall all the Chinese apps from your phone, you do not need them anymore now.

16. Update your SuperSU binaries and reboot the phone.

That's all. Enjoy!

[Showed me VCOM error during the last stage of driver installation in PC but it didn't affect the process.]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Real Life Cycle

The Science Behind Temple Bells

Most of the old temples have large bell at the entrance of the temple and you need to ring it before you enter temple. A Temple bell have a scientific phenomena; it is not just your ordinary metal. It is made of various metals including cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese. The proportion atwhich each one of them mixed is real science behind a bell. Each of these bells is made to produce such a distinct sound that it can create unity of your left andright brain. The moment you ring that bell, bell produces sharp but lastingsound which lasts for minimum of seven seconds in echo mode good enough totouch your seven healing centres or chakras in your body. The moment bell sound happens your brain is emptied of all thoughts. Invariably you will enter state of Tran’s state where you are very receptive. This Trans state is the one with awareness. You are so occupied in mind that only way to awaken you is with a Shock! Bell works as Anti-dote to your mind. Before you enter temple – to awake you and prepare you for taste of awareness is the real reason behind temple bell.

Monday, May 26, 2014

An Inspiring Confession

Read somewhere, but definitely worth the read

1. I joined heritage in its initial batches .i was very introvert and was a ragged a hell lot . A belt was tied around neck i was made to roam around the college in my first day .When i complained to my dad he thrashed me saying that i was a loser and wasting his hard earned money .( he hoped that i was in IIT).I felt liked being raped that day, not by my college seniors but by my dad.

2. I got a very low grade in my first semester because i was pressurized by my dad to appear for IIT again . i Got a severe thrashing from him again .my mom somehow rescued me.

3. In second semester i mustered up enough courage to propose to my best friend but she rejected me because in her words ""she didnt wanted to be ridiculed by her friends "". she stopped talking to me after that .i was heart broken as she and my mom were the only people i shared everything with.

4. During the 4th semester break , while i was returning home after teaching a student . i got a phone call informing me that my mom had expired . my world came crashing that day . I cried for for days on end and somehow picked myself up as i had no other alternative

5. My attendance fell very low that semester and i was summoned by the principal . when i told him about my mothers death he replied "" i hear this lie everyday .please bring me the death certificate if u have one ."" Then while i was leaving he told me "" no need to bring death certificate , useless guys like u can even fake that .call your dad ""

6. My frnds always ridiculed me because i was loser .i dint laugh at their jokes .to mix with them i started drinking .i dint like the taste but liked the high . i often used to act drunk to appear more cool .i learned to call girls ""magi "" but never knew its real meaning . that helped me survive college 

7. It was the campussing day , i got rejected that day again .hoped to make it to the next company .but was unsucessfull till the and of campussing . i had tried a lot . attended English speaking classes (my English was horrible) , brought new pair of shirt . when my dad heard this he told me not to call again and this time i didnt feel remorse or regret for him . for the ntire night i contemplated suicide but couldn't as i had promised my mom that i will shine one day .

8 . I started doing private tutiions and preparing for CAT.i gave my everything . I got 99.87 percentile but couldnt make it again to a big IIM because of my low grades .What had i done now to deserve this ? i felt . I finally got admitted into decent college and a helpful bank manger arranged for loan .

9. After passing out i got into volvo eicher as a junior manager . i dint last for 3 months because i couldnt lick my boss s boot properly .My service was terminated because of being inefficient . 

10. I started making i phone apps in my leisure time while i was applying to a few companies .Slowly i took it up as a more serious start up . got hold of 2 more friends like me who were from cs background and were unable to find a job .

11. In 2011 i made a small office .by the end of 2011 i had a small group of 8 engineers working with me . In 2012 we bagged several contracts from companies like mobiquity , exxon mobile and the workforce increased to 80 developers .in march 2013 i will be applying for turnover of over 5 crores . 

I dont know how to thank god for his blessings . i thank that senior who ragged me in my first day at college, that girl who dumped me , my professors who ridiculed me , the numerous friend who though i was a loser . it is you who gave me the courage , the fire , the anger to succeed against all odds . seriously no hard feelings guys , u made me what i am . i dont stay with my dad but i send him enough so that he can lead a comfortable life . My advise to all juniors .shine in life .When a loser like me can why cant u?.never let people say u cant do it . many people might have faced similar or more lows in college life but NEVER EVER give up . Let not a broken relationship , failed grade ,lost job opportunity or ""status"" among friends define you . And never lose faith in humanity in goodness .there a few bad people but there are a lot more good people around here . I met a lot of good people,professors in my college .and believe me heritage taught me a lot 

Lastly MA, hope u could read this . i love u a lot. heart




Hats off to his mettle...!!! smiley yes

IBPS Exam Time Table 2014-2015

IBPS Exam Time Table 2014-2015

IBPS RRB III Common Written Examination 2014:
6th – 7th of Sept. 2014
13th – 14th of Sept. 2014
20th – 21st of Sept. 2014
27th of Sept. 2014

IBPS PO/ Management Trainee CWE 2014:
11th – 12th of Oct. 2014
18th – 19th of Oct. 2014
1st – 2nd of Nov. 2014

IBPS Clerk IV CWE 2014:
6th – 7th of Dec. 2014
13th – 14th of Dec. 2014
20th – 21st of Dec. 2014
27th of Dec. 2014

14th – 15th of Feb. 2015
21st of Feb. 2015

Thursday, January 30, 2014