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Monday, November 29, 2010

Why use Firefox rather than IE?

Why use Firefox rather than IE?

1. Internet Explorer (IE) become one of the major targets of the hackers around the world. They like to hack IE. They feel so delighted after successufully hacking in it. They make lots of trojans and worms to attack IE.

2. The speed for Firefox in loading a page is much faster than IE. You can try yourself. Download Firefox here.

3. There are a lot of add-ons provided in Firefox but IE does not have such good features.

4. We can update Firefox easily compared to IE.

5. Firefox is free, but IE is integrated in original Windows which cost hundred of dollars.

6. Firefox can be made portable but IE can't. Portable Firefox can be brought to anywhere by using a pen drive or removable drive.

7. Firefox provide us a very good download manager add-on (DownThemAll) which increase the download speed for about 400% but IE does not have such features. The download manager provided is not good as the download speed is very slow.

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